Born Method

Method objectif : Empower & awaken the leader in you !

Life is just a series of decisions!
💯 Learn how to decide and nothing will stop you !
💯 Learn how to decide and your life will change !
Most people think, “I should look for a better job. I should stop drinking and smoking. I should lose weight. »
💡It’s certainly not with “shoulds words” that you’re going to change anything !💡The only way to change your life is to make a real decision and focus all your energy on the goal you set !

If you have decided to change your life, have a real transformation and become a true Leader of your life, BORN program is clearly made for you !

BORN as a Leader

💎Build the foundation

💎Observe, accept and balance

💎Recode your Mindset

💎Nourish your vision

Program Content

💎 12 individual sessions over 3 months for :

🌟 Have clarity about yourself, your values, your strengths and talents
🌟 Have clarity on your area of ​​​​genius, potential and vocation
🌟 Have clarity on your Vision & Take Action effectively
🌟 Become a Leader of your life 💙

💎 1 follow-up session at 3 months
💎 1 follow-up session at 6 months

Am I the right coach to support you?

Let’s share my photo📷 before and after applying BORN method ! What changed between photo 1 and 2 ❓
💯 My level of self-confidence (⌛ 10 years ago, all my photos were aside, impossible to take a picture of me normally)
💯My decision-making (I quit and started my own company Motivated Golden Talents without any help)
💯 Clarity of my goals and vision
💯 Work-Life balance (A few years ago, I was very stressed, at the point of wearing a dental gutter 24/24 to relieve my pain !)

💯Understanding of my particular profile 🦓(💡A key point that really unlocked my potential and allowed me to work more efficiently)

Themes that we will work together

✅Your work-Life Balance
✅Your goals
✅Discovery your potential
✅Understanding of your profile
✅Your priorities
✅Your decision making
✅Your vision

💎 My tools to support you as a coach

PNL, meta-programs, logical levels, DISC model…

🌟 I will also provide you with efficient project management tools (based on my engineering studies and my PMP “Professional Project Manager” certification) to help you set up an effective action plan to achieve your goals and reach your vision.

As bonus, you will have:
✨ A Coaching notebook to support you in your transformation
✨A personalized personality test (Entrepreneur, motivation, emotions, vocation…)

❗ Places Limited to 3 persons per month.

💫 Now, I invite you to project yourself…

I invite you to lay down comfortably, take a few breaths and imagine the result already here …

✅ You find your authenticity
✅ You are aware of your Full Potential
✅ You dare to live the life that inspires you
✅ You live a life aligned with your values
✅ You know how to choose the best decision that suits you
✅ You are free from the judgment of others and your own judgment
✅ You move forward effectively in joy and clarity towards a vision that really suits you
✅ You are fulfilled

Can’t wait to see you shining during and after the BORN Program as the leader of your life 💙


Sophie R (Manager at AIRBUS)

Maha is one of the most engaged people I had opportunity to work with. She is very professional 💎, has strong beliefs and knows how to convey them, keeping her smile and energy. I’m convinced she can support people’s projects and people’s development with her inspiring ideas.

Julien B (Consulting Services Director – CGI)

Maha is full of energy, spirits and always in a good mood. Working with her has been a real pleasure.🌟🌟🌟

Hervé (Manager at AIRBUS)

It has been a good experience to work with Maha: Rigorous, self-organized, technically skilled on project management, and always showing positive attitude even in harsh context!

Karim A (Scrum Master)

Thanks to my coach Maha who helped me achieving my goal!

Olena K

Very satisfied !
Rating: 10/10

Arsène D (Engineer)

High added value
Rating: 9/10

Final words ❣️

If this program speaks to you, if you really want to create a life that really suits you,
I invite you to listen to your inner voice, I invite you to reserve your clarity session with me, I will be so pleased to connect with you !
Can’t wait to see you shining as the leader of your life 💙 – +33 (0) 7 81 91 75 80 – Toulouse